10 Super Easy Problem Solving Tips

By Makere | Motivational Monday

Mar 04

“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”
Albert Einstein

As human beings, we encounter different kinds of problems daily; whether in our businesses, with ourselves, within our own homes and these problems usually require immediate and long-lasting solutions. Easy problem solving is apparently like the Holy Grail. But is it?

The key to finding solutions for the many problems we experience is clearly identifying them and knowing how to go about eliminating such problems. In this blog, we provide ten super easy tips that should be on your easy problem solving checklist.


Identify the Real Problem or Challenge is the first step to easily resolving

Tip 1. Identify the Real Problem or Challenge for Easy Problem Solving.

The first step to easy problem solving is to identify the real problem. You must take time to do two important things. First acknowledge that you do actually have a problem. Acceptance rather than denial, will bring you closer to finding not only the cause but also the solution. By tracing the root of the problem, you can then figure out the next important thing, which is the step, or steps to take to solve it completely.

Identify Who Owns This Problem

Tip 2. Identify Who Owns This Problem.

This step requires you to reflect on the cause and who the problem belongs to. By doing this step, you can minimize any unnecessary emotional turmoil i.e. anger, worry or stress you're experiencing or anyone else associated. Once the owner of the problem is identified, active measures can then be taken to begin the problem-solving process. In the case where someone else owns the problem, returning the responsibility to him/her would take some of the load off your shoulders.

Tip 3. Allocate a Priority Order Number for the Problem.

Creating a scale of importance for your problems will help put everything in perspective for you. From this scale, take your time to ascertain if the problem is of high importance and therefore a matter of urgency. Or belongs at the other end of absolutely no importance. By frequently using this scale of importance, this will determine your response to it.

Get the right people and assign them to their respective roles - you are a team

Tip 4. Assign The Right Person Responsible For Solving This Problem.

What do we mean by the 'Right' person? The right person would help you determine the magnitude of your problem and give you the appropriate professional advice on how to solve it. This person ideally will be someone who is well-equipped with the relevant expertise to solve the problem. Do not expect others to be able to solve the problem when they do not possess the necessary knowledge, skill, ability or motivation to help you. That would only make what should be easy problem solving - difficult!

You have to break problems down into smaller chunks

Tip 5. Break the Problem Down In To Manageable Chunks.

Always try to break your problem into smaller and more manageable parts. Take each section then start to work on easy problem solving that one part before tackling the next part. Sometimes called chunking, this will minimise, maybe even eliminate overwhelm, as well as help you to better manage, solve and more likely succeed in getting rid of the problem much faster than you usually would.

Set your ideal result for successful resolution of the problem

Tip 6. Decide On the Ideal Result You Want or Desire.

Having a clear idea or vision of the result you want to achieve, increases the probability of easy problem solving. So decide on your own, the desired result and the shape you want things to be in when the problem no longer exists. This clear result will enable you plot the actions to easily solve the problem to successfully reach your desired goal.

Give A Realistic Timeframe To Resolve This Matter.

Tip 7. Give A Realistic Timeframe To Resolve This Matter.

Set a realistic time frame in which you believe your problem will be tackled. This will help you to plan and achieve the discipline actions to achieve your goal on time without unnecessary distractions. You will keep focused on nipping your problem right in the bud.

set up a great support tribe and team to resolve quickly

​​​​Tip 8. Set Up Your Support Tribe And Ask For Help.

Don't hesitate to get support or help from others to solve your problems. Having a circle of like-minded and experienced individuals who have encountered the same fate or dealt with similar challenges will go a long way in ensuring easy problem solving. These people will also encourage you not to give up. They become your support crew and will help mentor you to show you how to go about the process and make sure you are moving in the right direction. Try a Business Success or Personal Transformational Coach or other mentor to keep you accountable and on track.

Review and Evaluate Your Progress Regularly

Tip 9. Review and Evaluate Your Progress Regularly.

When solving a problem, especially easy problem solving, it is important that you look at the steps you have taken and evaluate them to measure your progress and confirm that you are doing the right thing. This will also help you retrace your steps to check if you happen to have made a wrong turn or gone off track somewhere. You will realign with your desired planned actions and timeframe. Be flexible and accept there will be unexpected challenges to solving your problems. Do not give up!

Celebrate When You Achieve Your Goal

Tip 10. Celebrate When You Achieve Your Goal.

Great job in achieving your goal by employing these tips to easy problem solving. You nailed it! So be happy and celebrate your well-deserved success. Get a bottle of wine. Eat some cake. Play some loud music. Be happy and enjoy yourself. Your self-confidence and self-esteem will thank you for it.

10 Super Easy Problem Solving Tips for Success

Tip 11.  Push the Restart Button to Easy Problem Solving.

Now you know and proven how successful you can be at easy problem solving! Be ready and willing to restart the process again when the next problem comes along. This time accept you are a proven successful problem solver.


OK, so there were eleven tips. Hope you paid attention and picked it up. Consider the last one an extra bonus to pull it all together.

So remember, if you are experiencing any issues or problems at work, home or beyond, sitting and complaining will not take them away. Instead, it will more likely increase your stress levels and make you highly unproductive due to stress and worry.

Solving problems requires a high level of patience and consistency. With a proactive and determined mindset plus great commitment, you will be able to overcome any problem in your business or life in general and become an easy problem solver!

With the easy problem solving steps outlined in this post, we are certain you will tackle issues that may arise with great success!

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Love to hear how you found these tips and what you are either doing well or struggling with. So add a comment below and/or drop me a line anytime!

Finally, have an awesome week!

- Makere

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