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Hi, I'm Makere!

Head Eagle 

My expertise and passion is helping individuals and businesses, to rapidly achieve significant growth and success.  In both personal and or business lives.

I am 150% committed to achieving great client-desired results. Supporting and working with my clients as a coach, mentor, trainer, confidant, and (if needed) consultant.

Who importantly, cares for their success as if it was my own.

My Background

I possess a varied career and business background with extensive knowledge, experience, skills and abilities to ensure my clients get the Best Coach and achieve great results.

I started as a Registered Comprehensive Nurse, working to help people in traumatic situations including Reconstructive Surgery (aka Burns and Plastic Surgery).

Coping with trauma, stress and highly charged emotions in extreme life or death situations, equipped me with a laser focus skill for dealing sensitively and appropriately with people and their problems. 

A great coach or consultant must be able to rapidly access and apply critical solutions to problems.

Later, I transitioned to a Legal career. I studied hard to acquire a Law (LLB) degree and then a Masters in Law (LLM) degree, before working with law related community organisations and Government agencies, plus doing other speciality legal work.

Plus, I was also mother of 3 with my youngest born right smack in the middle of my full time study.

AND, working part time as a nurse. Being a wife, mother, full time law student and part time nurse was extremely challenging. I was determined to succeed. And I did!

Additionally, I possess extensive Business experience.

I created and grew rapidly many businesses including a consultancy, an executive recruitment and human resource agency, a profitable property investment portfolio and an overseas import and distribution business. All were created from scratch.

What's more, in markets I knew nothing about. 

Was it easy? Hell no!  I also experienced first-hand the many trials, tribulations, challenges and difficulties as a business owner. 

I gained stronger experience, knowledge and fortitude about how businesses operate in all kinds of environments. 

Yes, even knowing what it feels like  when a business is no longer viable and needs to close down.

Now before you decide ...hey that's great Makere ...I need your help now! 

Please read the following carefully!

I only work with motivated clients who are willing to do whatever it takes (morally, ethically and legally of course) to succeed!

Clients who make real commitments and do not hesitate to financially invest in themselves. 

Why? I will not waste your time and resources, or my own for that matter.

I dedicate my knowledge and expertise, focus and energies to committed clients, so that they receive the best from me. 

So are you ready to be my next successful client? Contact me now and let's get started.

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