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Mindfulness Where Is Yours Image of a Bhuda in state of mindfulness
Mar 18

Mindfulness is a growing phenomenon

By Makere | Motivational Monday

Mindfulness is a growing phenomenon. Now, before you say airy fairy, esoteric BS, consider that scientific researchers have found mindfulness to be a key element for reducing and promoting happiness which is why Shian-Ling, Moria J. Smoski, and Clive J. Rubins, 2011, cited mindfulness as being;

"A miracle by which we master and restore ourselves".

So, where is your mindfulness?

Did you look in the mirror this morning?

You did? Great!

But were you mindful of, or even notice… YOU?


Did you really see the person that is the TRUE YOU?  

Were you mindful of the person that is YOU?

Or have you lost the real you somewhere in this fast-paced life we live?

We all get lost at times. But, there is an ancient practice becoming increasingly popular in western societies that can help YOU.

If you guessed - Mindfulness, you are correct!

Noteworthy, even some suit type people responsible for large corporates practice mindfulness. And they report that it helps them to be more effective, thoughtful and considerate leaders of industry.

And yes - they are highly successful in their fields.

And more successful than they otherwise might have been thanks to their unashamed practise of mindfulness.

So, if you are thinking about what you can get out of mindfulness, let me assure you that there are huge benefits. Read on and learn about the enormous and magnificent things mindfulness can do for you!

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Mar 04

10 Super Easy Problem Solving Tips

By Makere | Motivational Monday

“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”
Albert Einstein

As human beings, we encounter different kinds of problems daily; whether in our businesses, with ourselves, within our own homes and these problems usually require immediate and long-lasting solutions. Easy problem solving is apparently like the Holy Grail. But is it?

The key to finding solutions for the many problems we experience is clearly identifying them and knowing how to go about eliminating such problems. In this blog, we provide ten super easy tips that should be on your easy problem solving checklist.

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image of new mindset equals new results to be productive
Feb 18


By Makere | Motivational Monday

Would you like to get more done, reach more of your goals and make a big difference today?

If so, the secret lies in Productive Habits!

Clicking on this article, I'm confident you are interested in a better performance, great outcomes, and success. My aim is to get you to reset or establish your early morning Productive Habits to really power up your daily life!

What do I mean by Productive Habits?

Productive Habits are usually deliberate actions which create a more efficient, productive, positive lifestyle. It takes 21 days to install a new habit. The more consistent you are with creating and practising a new Productive Habit, the faster it will become an automatic behavioural pattern.

Why bother with Productive Habits?

Everyone needs Productive Habits to help overcome issues, problems, and challenges. Productive Habits helps you to learn new self-empowering actions to minimize your stress plus take you one step closer to achieving your goals. These new habits allow you to prioritise what is really important in your life. Allowing you to take time out to nurture and really take care of yourself!

Okay Makere where do I start?

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