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Feb 18
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Would you like to get more done, reach more of your goals and make a big difference today?

If so, the secret lies in Productive Habits!

Clicking on this article, I'm confident you are interested in a better performance, great outcomes, and success. My aim is to get you to reset or establish your early morning Productive Habits to really power up your daily life!

What do I mean by Productive Habits?

Productive Habits are usually deliberate actions which create a more efficient, productive, positive lifestyle. It takes 21 days to install a new habit. The more consistent you are with creating and practising a new Productive Habit, the faster it will become an automatic behavioural pattern.

Why bother with Productive Habits?

Everyone needs Productive Habits to help overcome issues, problems, and challenges. Productive Habits helps you to learn new self-empowering actions to minimize your stress plus take you one step closer to achieving your goals. These new habits allow you to prioritise what is really important in your life. Allowing you to take time out to nurture and really take care of yourself!

Okay Makere where do I start?


Before I share my ideas, a couple of caveats. There is likely nothing discussed below that you haven’t heard before. That doesn’t make the ideas less valuable, in fact, it proves these ideas work if you use them!

Start practising every day as many times as you want.  Take note how you feel doing this but don't give up. You will get stronger and it does get easier the more you practise. For some people, doing the productive habits is not easy and they end up practicing unproductive habits. I know it and I do not blame them because sometimes circumstances made them do it. But if we are already tired of our negative habits and are serious about changing the way we live then nothing is impossible. Every big thing starts with small things, so start small. You have the power! Choose to be different.

Below are 5 Easy Habits to get you started TODAY!

image of visualising what you want to achieve in life to develop productive habits

Habit 1. Visualize what you want to achieve most in your Life.

Really fire up that inner passion being the positive creator of your Life. Ask yourself these simple questions:

What are your mission, vision or goals in life?

Do you really believe that you deserve these and will achieve them?

One of the best ways to make this more real is to visualize yourself now with you having what you wanted or the desired results. Begin with the end in mind. Any person who has kept their eye on the end result, has succeeded in producing that result.

For example, I want to be healthy and fit.

So I start to visualise how I would look and more importantly, how I would feel if I was 10 kilos lighter, toned, fitting in smaller size/pants dress, more confident, happy and unstoppable. I visualise the healthy foods, exercise, and results every day. I create a vision in my mind about my ultimate wish list results!

In your mind, make sure your thoughts and feelings are super detailed when you visualize. Start acting or behaving like you already have it! Use productive language and positive affirmations daily. Say to yourself I am (state your goal here) now! I am confident, I deserve this and I feel great every day!

Make sure you have faith and believe that it's coming as you will start that creation process. You allowance to believe then receive starts things happening for you.

When you Visualize every day, things do start to happen. You will notice more of what you desire being around you already created. You will start attracting the means by which you can achieve your goal. You may meet a mentor or a coach (ahem!) who will help to make this happen for you. Your confidence and attitude will positively change energising others who are close to you. So Visualise, make it fun and enjoyable!

image of new mindset equals new results to be productive

Habit 2. Switch on Your “I-Can” and “I-Will” Do Mindset Every day!

Decide right now to create your most awesome, unstoppable and strong Mind. Having the right Mindset is super important and a non-negotiable step in any transition you want to make.  The right mindset will enable you to take actions and avoid procrastination.

"Your Mind determines your thoughts which causes your actions and creates your results."

Think about it! (excuse the pun)! You have to 100 % invest in the best positive creative Mind to achieve your goals. So start by making a firm decision to Switch on Your “I-Can” and “I-Will” Do Mindset today!

To achieve this, you have to control your inner negative self-critic. You know what I mean, those self-doubts, low self-esteem and belittling confidence destroyers that we all have. Those frigging constant self-sabotaging and damaging thoughts.

So be fully aware of the inner critics and negative thoughts you create every day. Check in with why you think like this way. Ask yourself why your mind is stopping you from creating what you want. Then replace these negative thoughts with some new self-loving supportive talk. No not self-pity talk but self-confidence building thoughts. 

image of be proactive and take action

Habit 3. Taking Action.

Eliminate procrastination and commit your dreams and goals to action. Your dreams are irrelevant; your plans are dust while your goals will be unfeasible unless they are followed by action. To get more accomplished, you absolutely have to plan for your day. When you did not plan for your day, you will go through your day in the reactive mood, doing whatever comes to you instead of being proactive and getting things done.

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Habit 4. Be accountable for your actions daily!

If possible, keep a journal. Yes, you can even journal about your exercise, keeping track of what you did each day, going back to the example of staying healthy and fit. When you write your thoughts you make them clearer. When you write you become more focused, learn more, and improve your results. Get a Vision Board happening and put up photos, drawings or evidence of your ideal desires and goals. Have fun for goodness sake and create! Be enthusiastic and love whatever it is you’re doing.

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Habit 5. Associate with people that encourage or practise productive habits.

Make sure you surround yourself with like-minded, positive and motivated people. Don't constantly mix with others who thrive on dramas, problems and keep dragging you down to their myopic level.

Make a decision to cut these negative people loose now. I guarantee you will feel happier and lighter. If people do not share your visions, dreams, and goals that's okay let them go. You will start meeting and attracting new friends who will positively support you every step of the way.

Try these 5 Productive Habits and notice how your life will improve. 

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Love to hear how you found these nuggets and what you are either doing well or struggling with, so add a comment below and/or drop me a line anytime!

Finally, have an awesome day!

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